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artnet x Monegraph

NFT Market Visions: Emerging Artforms, Technology Trends, and Collecting for Long Term Value

NFT Market Visions: Emerging Artforms, Technology Trends, and Collecting for Long Term Value

Highlights / Key Topics:

Evolving Artform – NFTs that Draw – by Kevin McCoy (Inventor of the NFT format)
Advanced Tech – AI Powered NFTs – by Pulkit Jaiswal (NWO Ai)
NFT Collector, Founder of Museum of Crypto Art – Colborn Bell
NFT 30 Report, Works Showcase and Trends by Jiayin Chen, Director of NFT, Artnet

The panel will be moderated Johannes Vogt, Head of Post-War & Contemporary Art/Head of NFT & Digital Art Sales at Artnet Auctions, Artnet

Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres will be served

6 pm

Opening Reception Cocktails

6:30 pm

Panelist Conversation

8:30 pm

Post Event Mixer and Cocktails

Past Events

Miami Basel 2021

NFT and the Art World:Short Fling or Long Game?

Speaker: Kevin McCoy, Monegraph co-founder

Kevin McCoy Ask Me Anything (AMA)

Submit questions directly to Kevin McCoy, inventor of NFTs, about his collaboration with Timbaland on the Opera Noir NFT Producer Mix Series

Timbaland Ask Me Anything (AMA)

NFT Producer Mix Series

Submit questions directly to Timbaland on Discord about his Music NFTs Opera Noir 

NFT.NYC 2021

NFT 2.0 – Music Enters the Metaverse

Timbaland & Wu-Tang Music NFTs

Music NFT Collection Talks (begin at 7pm)

Hosted by Annie Dolan, NFT Specialist at Phillips auction house, the conversation with Timbaland, the music producer, and Kevin McCoy, the creator of NFTs, who have collaborated on groundbreaking Music NFT collection.  The discussion will focus on the design and build of the upcoming NFT series named the Producer Mix Series based on the release of Timbaland’s new EP Opera Noir.  The generative and programmatic features of the NFT collection are based one of the most technologically advanced NFTs to date – Quantum Leap.

These 2.0 NFTs go beyond today’s typical artistic displays to introduce a programmatic dynamic that is driven by operating software on the blockchain.  Such functionality drives the ability for these NFTs to autonomously replicate, combine, and communicate with one another and introduces the first sets of independent avatars to collectors.  Come learn about how the technology behind these next generation digital assets – aside from being beautiful – will foster the next revolution of creativity in video gaming, feature films, fine art, music and the broader metaverse.

The Producer Mix Series will have its first drop on November 2nd at the Lightbox in New York City and on  Each song in the EP will have 5 to 8 different Music NFTs editioned differently based on the uniqueness of associated music “stems” and totaling approximately 50 to 90 digital collectibles.  Collectors will be able to compose their own re-mixes and imagine the vibe of the full length songs which are expected to be released in late winter.

Additionally, upcoming Music NFTs and EP/Album drops by Wu-Tang’s Mathematics and Chanel West Coast will be explored.  Mathematics’s album named, “Wu-Tang Gods and Iron Men, A Mathematics Story” will release early next year but will be releasing a collection of NFT’s featured the band’s iconic logo in coordination with new, never heard before music.

Music Rights on the Blockchain (begins at 6pm)

Protecting your music copyrights and licensing use rights with NFTs – led by Rob deBrauBrauwer, Partner at Pryor Cashman LLP, co-chair Digital Media Group

6 pm

Opening Reception Cocktails

6:30 pm

Music Rights on the Blockchain Panel

7:30 pm

NFT Collections Discussion with Special Guests

8:30 pm

Post Event Mixer and Cocktails

NFT.NYC 2021

Monegraph Music NFT Launch Event

Several musicians showcase upcoming Music NFT Collections in the immersive, experiential Lightbox NYC space. Artists to include:



Wu-Tang’s Mathematics


Chanel West Coast




Rich Valentine


Sammi Constantine





Select Music NFTs by Timbaland will be auctioned at 7:45pm on

Tune in to Discord to track daily information.

6:30 pm


7:45 pm

Music NFT Auction Begins

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Artnet x Monegraph @ NFT NYC June 2022

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NFT 2.0 – Music Enters the Metaverse

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Music NFT Launch Event

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