Monegraph Technology

Leveraging NFTs created with Monegraph Technology, content owners with media use and royalty rights can monetize all or a portion of these rights through NFT marketplaces.


Control your media’s rights with multiple counter-parties to provide exclusive distribution.


Share revenue with your publishing partners, media creators and affiliates to drive engagement with your media.


Take advantage of you and your partner’s social reach and build a direct distribution channel.

Using Monegraph’s patented technology for media, secured media rights NFT tokens enables creators, publishers and owners to sell and trade their unique media rights on the blockchain with embedded revenue streams associated to royalties, advertising fees, streaming fees, etc.

Monegraph NFTs Enhance Digital Asset Values

Our Rights Enabled NFTs offer buyers enhanced value of standard NFTs and creators greater control over their intellectual property.



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The Rights Enabled
NFT Difference

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Discreet royalty rights embedded in the blockchain enables all market participants to clearly understand what rights they own with their digital tokens.
 Standard NFTsRights Enabled NFTs
Media Content
Media Use Rights
Transfer of Use Rights
Streaming Royalties
Ad Revenue Streams
Payment Sourcing
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